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Clone Mofifier

FREE DOWNLOAD Clone Description Clone is a modifier which can be used to create copies of an object. It is similar to the Array tool in 3DS Max, except that it is parametric. These images are examples of what you can create with the Clone tool. Each image shows the original single object and its […]


FREE DOWNLOAD ColorEdge Description ColorEdge is a procedural texture which changes the color along the VISIBLE edge faces of an object, allowing you to define color gradients and add noise effects. We use it mainly applied as an opacity map, to soften the edges of roads over the terrain. This is a sample of a […]

Glue Utili

FREE DOWNLOAD Glue Description A tool to place an object over any surface. This plugin aligns the pivot point of an objects selection over the surface of another object. For example, it’s useful in placing trees over a mountain. Also conforms a spline to follow the surface. This is a sample creating a wall in […]


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intro CuatrRV

Intro CuatroRV from CuatroRV on Vimeo.

animacion explocion piedra

cubo que cae from CuatroRV on Vimeo.